Multi UV tile is black in Maya viewport

If you use the multi channel setup MEL found here to import Mubdbox texture files.
You might notice that Maya viewport is only showing the first UV tile (tile 0-1) and the rest will be black.

This is the default behavior for Maya 2011 and that can be easily fixed by going to the Shader Attribute Editor > Hardware Texturing and change the texture channel from Color to Combined Textures.

Maya should now display the mesh as Mudbox does.

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2 Responses to “Multi UV tile is black in Maya viewport”

  1. john chen Says:

    Hi Ashraf, do you know how to get combined textures to work in viewport 2.0? works fine in normal viewport with combined textures, but not in the new viewport… Thakn you! :)

  2. Ashraf Says:

    It’s a current limitation in VP 2.0.
    It doesn’t support muli UV tiles.

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