Mental Ray Production Library – mip_gamma_gain

Continuing on my previous post Mental Ray Production Library– Enabling mip Shaders .We can now start exploring the available new nodes.
In this session we will have a closer look at  how to use the mip Shaders, in particular the mip_gamma_gain.
This is a simple Shader that can be utilized to allow a linear workflow. It can be used either on a texture or on the entire render.

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The HD vr. can be found here.

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2 Responses to “Mental Ray Production Library – mip_gamma_gain”

  1. Ben Says:

    You sound like JCVD.

    Good video. You convey the content with alot more authority that when you first started publishing these. A really great progression on the quality of the content as well.


  2. Munim Says:

    AOA Brother Ashraf. Very Glad to see your work and your expertise. I am 3DsMax user and now shifted to Maya. You have almost do the correct thing but a little more I want to add. When you use mip_Gamma n gain utility then you have no need to math. you apply 2.2 in mia simple exposure and just do 2.2 in mip_gamma n gain utility and check the reverse check box and that’s it. And when we use in mip_gamma n gain in Lens shader it is actually the incorrect way just like we put 0.455 in frame buffer. Specially when using IBL or use of any sort of 32 bit image or any gray scale maps which used for some value. Just like bumps specs and displacement there is no need to correct the gamma at all. But the rest of the things are the exact.
    So hope it will useful.

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