Mental Ray Production Library – mip_binaryproxy

Continuing on my previous post Mental Ray Production Library– Enabling mip Shaders .We can now start exploring the available new nodes.

In this session we will have a closer look at  the mip_binaryproxy and how to use  it as an object holder for a complex geometry that will only appear at render time

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The HD vr. can be found here.

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11 Responses to “Mental Ray Production Library – mip_binaryproxy”

  1. Mike Says:

    Awesome Blog. Thanks for your time making these tutorials.
    Really useful tips.
    Thanks again..
    Take care

  2. wuwei1659 Says:

  3. masoud Says:

    thank you so much .

  4. SUNNY Says:

    Nice informative Tutorial. If i animate the object will binary proxy work.

  5. Ashraf Says:

    Yes and No, you can translate it, but not Deform it.

  6. Klaudia Saric Says:

    Thanks for this post, answers a bunch of questions I was having.

  7. simha Says:

    it not possible to do the Zap did here !!!

    pls watch the demo.. pls leave me a mail.. if you know how to achieve that

  8. Ashraf Says:

    Max can do animation in proxy. unfortunately Maya can’t.

  9. Srecko Says:

    Hi Ashraf,

    what is difference between mip_binary and ‘standard’ proxy in Maya?

    Thank you,

  10. somesanctus Says:

    hello, Ashraf, how can i use binaryproxy with geometry contained several materials(per face), and tweak it after exporting.

  11. Arjun Says:

    once i have a binary proxy is it possible to instance the proxy object using a particle instancer

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