Mental Ray Production Library – Enabling mip Shaders

Maya 2008 and up, was shipped with some un-supported mental ray Shaders called mip (mental images production) Shaders.
To expose theses Shaders in Maya we need to alter the mel script “mentalrayCustomNodeClass.mel” in this folder
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2009\scripts\others

Edit: It came to my attention there is an easier way of exposing these shaders
in your script editor type
optionVar -intValue “MIP_SHD_EXPOSE” 1;
restart Maya and the shaders will appear !

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The HD vr. can be found here.

Here is my copy of the mel script along with my xpm files.
Use at your own risk !

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15 Responses to “Mental Ray Production Library – Enabling mip Shaders”

  1. Mental Ray Production Library – mip_motionblur Says:

    [...] on my previous post Mental Ray Production Library– Enabling mip Shaders .We can now start exploring the available new [...]

  2. Paulo Says:

    These information was absolutely fantastic!!! thank you very much, i have try to do the same on a mac and it didn’t work for the enable do you have any idea why it didn’t work?
    Thank you so much,

    optionVar – iv “MIP_SHD_EXPOSE” 1;

  3. Mike Says:

    Thanks Thanks Ashraf, really usefull tips…..

  4. Kevin Says:


    This is great info. I just enable it in 2011. My question is, when i Mentalray Production shaders are enabled, my other shaders ICON like Mia and Mib shaders will not render properly in Hypershade window.

    Any explanation to how this happened?

    Thanks !!

  5. Ashraf Says:

    I just tested on Maya 2011 win 32 and it works fine. The mia material still works with no problem.
    Remove your preference folder called 2011, located here C:\My Documents\maya and restart .
    If still a problem, take my MEL script I placed in the blog

  6. matt Says:

    hey Ashraf,
    this was really helpfull, I’ve been looking for a while on how to do this, and this little tutorial was just perfect, keep up this nice qharing of yours.

    thanks alot

  7. Ian Zeigler Says:

    i’m trying to get this to work on Maya 2011 on Mac

    the optionVar – iv “MIP_SHD_EXPOSE” 1; is not working any ideas?

    ian z

  8. Ashraf Says:

    Make sure to type the ” using your keyboard . sometimes the copy and paste add extra characters.

  9. Kofi Says:



  10. mahagar Says:

    It doesnt wor.. neighter video neighter taht shortcut. Im unsing WIn7 64Bit and maya 2009, I did everything exactly as in the video, saved the mel file but it didnt exposed in my Hypershade window (yes, I have mental ray enabled). Also, I tryed the optionVar -intValue “MIP_SHD_EXPOSE” 1; but it says syntax error.

  11. Ashraf Says:

    Try to write the script rather than copy and paste. sometimes the copy give you the wrong (“)

  12. Michelle Says:

    Hi Ashraf,
    Thank you for this. I used it on my Mac with Maya 2011 and it worked. However, is it possible this can change the ability to retrieve mel scripts? I am now unable to pull up any of my source scripts, even after restarting Maya and running a rehash. Do you know if there might be any link?

  13. Marlon Says:

    I have tried: changing the mel script, entering the optionVar comman in the command line, neither have worked…

    I don’t know why or how to fix this…looks like i’ll have to do it the manual way…can you explain it in a little more detail? what needs to be written in the command line?


  14. Ashraf Says:

    try to write the Env Var rather than using copy and paste
    sometime it takes the wrong “‘”

  15. Marlon Says:

    I did manually write it every time not copy paste. In the end i tried it on my laptop, got it working and tried again on my desktop got it working…you can see the final product here:

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