How to change the timeline color in Maya 2014 – Tip

The dark grey color can be changed via a simple MEL

Maya timeline before

timeControl -e -backgroundColor 0.5 0.5 0.5 $gPlayBackSlider;
timeControl -e -forceRefresh $gPlayBackSlider;

Where the 0.5 0.5 0.5 is the new lighter grey color.

Maya timeline After

Note: this is a temporary change, as it will go back to default color after Maya restarts.
For a permanent change , add the lines to your userSetup.mel file located in C:\Users\XXX\Documents\maya\2014-x64\prefs\scripts

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One Response to “How to change the timeline color in Maya 2014 – Tip”

  1. Seith Says:

    You’ve got to wonder what the guys at Autodesk were thinking. I mean the black time mark on the dark gray timeline is practically invisible. Did they not realize that people actually use the timeline…?! *sigh*

    Anyway, thank you, that’s a great tip!

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