Installation guide for Linux Fedora 14 – dual boot

Thanks to Nelson Cruz for his help writing this document.

This document is written for Fedora 1. Please adjust accordingly.
Download the DVD from Fedora’s website.

Example location:
Note: Avoid using KDE. Instead, use Gnome as a window manager with Autodesk products as it handles floating windows more effectively. Burn the .iso file onto a DVD and use it to boot the machine.
The following are the instructions for Dual-boot with Windows 7. Skip to “OS Installation” if you are aiming for a single boot.

Step 1: Dual-boot preparation
To create the partition that will host Linux, RMB click on “My Computer” and choose “Manage.”

RMB click on the “C: volume” and choose “Shrink Volume”

At this point, you need to decide how much space you want to allocate for Linux.

Once you hit “Shrink,” windows will take few moments to create the new partition.
Note: Take notice to the partition size as you will need it to identify the right partition when installing Linux.

Step 1: OS installation
Insert Fedora DVD into your drive and boot the machine. The DVD will offer an option to verify the media. It is recommended to do so before installing.

Follow the basic instructions of language and keyboard settings.

Choose “Basic Storage Devices” as a storage type.

Next step: Assigning a host name to the machine.

Select a location for time zone configuration.

Create a Root Password.

Step 2: Disk Partition Setup
Choose “Create Custom Layout.”

Choose the free partition. As noted above, if you recorded the size of the partition, you will now be able to decipher which one is “free.”

Choose “Create.” This will open the “Create Storage” dialog box.
Choose “Standard” and hit “Create.”

You will need to create 3 partitions.

  • A. Boot Partition
  • B. Swap Partition
  • C. “/” aka Main Partition

A. Boot Partition:
From the “Add Partition” window, select the following;
Mount Point = /boot
File System Type = ext 4
Size (MB) = 200 (this will be the smallest partition as it will only hold the boot information)

B. Swap partition:
Repeat the above steps to add a new partition.

Mount Point = (leave this empty)
File System Type = ext 4
size 4096 (4GB)

C. “/” aka Main Partition
When this process is completed, the machine will boot into Fedora for the first time.

Follow the basic steps and create a user name and password.

Welcome to Fedora! :)

Step 3: Connecting to the network

At this point we have not setup a connection yet. To do so, go to
System > Administrator > Network

It will prompt you to enter the root password.
Highlight the Device eth0 and choose “Edit”
Check “Activate Device” when computer starts

Next step will be installing nVidia driver.

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