How to fix the Ptex display in Maya

When you create a Ptex file in Mudbox the resolution will look nice in your viewport.

However once you send the file to Maya and change to Viewport 2.0
The texture will look as if’s low quality

The solution will come in 2 parts

1- You need to open the VP 2.0 settings by clicking on render > viewport 2.0 option box
Adjust the color texture slider under “Bake Resolution for Unsorted Textures”

2- The final step is to force Maya respect this change by running the simple MEL
ogs -reset;

Now you should have a proper display of your Ptex inside Maya

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2 Responses to “How to fix the Ptex display in Maya”

  1. Najib Says:

    I am always baffled by this sort of problem. How can software that came out from the same company can’t play nice with each other. Having to dig through tons of thing to fix some lame problem, worst if the user have no mel knowledge.

    Having said that, even the software itself is a hassle to work with. To get it work right with other software out of the box will be a miracle.

  2. Shashikant Singh Says:

    Maya 2013/14 have an option to Re-Bake textures for PTEX files. Just go to Hardware Render Settings tab>Bake resolution for unsupported file types>Changer the resolution and hit Re-bake all textures !! :D …. No need for this script anymore.

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